By the gods in my soul I am grateful for you

I am with JJ!

We laugh when I say these words, shaking our heads at a beautiful inside joke.

My beloved wife, those words have become a deep and almost mystical mantra of gratitude to me.1061664_10200136395952500_17568912_n

I am with JJ.

So filled with mystery and wonder and joy, and even puzzlement, those words, to quote the Buddhist master, make me walk like my feet are kissing the earth.

JJ, it is fitting that we were married at Thanksgiving.

I am not a strong man but you find strength in me. I am not confident but when I touch you I feel the gods in my soul. I am not a man of deep faith but when I ponder you walking at my side, hands and strides entwined, I can’t help but offer a prayer of thanksgiving to a higher power somewhere.

JJ, I don’t have treasure. I don’t have words. I love you never seems enough. I will keep saying I am with JJ and we will laugh and remember the story of how we came together. I will keep praying my mystical mantra of gratitude. I…am…with…JJ…

I promise you on the gods in my soul that I always will be.


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